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Bulk Density Palladium Catalyst Pd 25kg/bag With Deoxidation Accuracy Less Than 5.0ppm

Bulk Density Palladium Catalyst Pd 25kg/bag With Deoxidation Accuracy Less Than 5.0ppm
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Packing: 25kg/bag
Chemical Formula: Pd
Bulk Density: 0.4-0.5g/ml
Deoxidation Accuracy: ≤5.0ppm
Oxygen Content Of Syngas: <2000 (0.2%)ppm
Storage: Store In A Cool, Dry Place
Palladium Content: 0.1%-5.0%
Particle Size: 2.0-3.0mm;
High Light:

5.0ppm Palladium Catalyst


Bulk Palladium Catalyst

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LVNENG
Model Number: PD-CATALYST
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Palladium Catalyst is a premium chemical agent designed for specialized industrial applications, particularly as a Pd/c Palladium Carbon Alumina Catalyst for Hydro-deoxygenation of Hydrogen Nitrogen Syngas. This catalyst is characterized by its high palladium content, versatile utility, and robust physical properties that make it suitable for a wide range of chemical reactions and processes where a palladium metal catalyst is required.

The product is carefully packed in 25kg bags, ensuring safe transportation and ease of handling. This packaging guarantees that the catalyst remains protected from environmental factors that could potentially affect its performance, such as moisture and contaminants. The 25kg bag is a standard size for industrial products, facilitating easy storage and inventory management for users.

With a bulk density of 0.4-0.5g/ml, this Palladium Catalyst offers an optimal balance between volume and mass, allowing for efficient utilization within reaction chambers and reactors. The density is a critical factor in ensuring consistent flow and distribution of the catalyst in fixed-bed reactors, contributing to uniform reaction conditions and reproducible results.

The catalyst boasts a Palladium (Pd) content ranging from 0.1% to 5.0%. This range provides flexibility in terms of catalytic activity and can be chosen based on the specific requirements of the process. A higher palladium content typically translates to higher activity levels, making this catalyst highly effective for processes that demand a robust catalytic action, such as the hydro-deoxygenation of hydrogen nitrogen syngas.

The chemical formula of the active component in this catalyst is Pd, which is the symbol for Palladium. Palladium, as a noble metal, is widely recognized for its excellent catalytic properties, including high selectivity and activity. It is also well known for its durability and resistance to poisoning, making it an ideal choice for long-term industrial applications.

A standout feature of this Palladium Catalyst is its exceptional crush strength of over 45N/bead. This indicates that the catalyst possesses significant mechanical strength and can withstand substantial physical stress without breaking down. This property is particularly important in processes involving high flow rates or pressures, where mechanical integrity is paramount to maintaining the catalyst's structure and performance.

The use of this catalyst is particularly advantageous in the field of hydro-deoxygenation, where it facilitates the removal of oxygen from organic molecules in the presence of hydrogen, a critical step in the purification of hydrogen nitrogen syngas. The Pd/c Palladium Carbon Alumina Catalyst is engineered to deliver high performance in these reactions, ensuring efficient and effective deoxygenation, which is essential for producing high-purity syngas for subsequent applications.

In conclusion, the Palladium Catalyst we offer is a highly specialized product tailored for demanding industrial applications. It combines practical physical attributes such as packing, bulk density, and mechanical strength with exceptional chemical properties, including a variable palladium content that caters to a variety of process needs. Its robust performance as a palladium metal catalyst in hydro-deoxygenation processes makes it an indispensable component in the production of high-quality hydrogen nitrogen syngas. Users can expect consistent, reliable results, translating to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

Bulk Density Palladium Catalyst Pd 25kg/bag With Deoxidation Accuracy Less Than 5.0ppm 0Bulk Density Palladium Catalyst Pd 25kg/bag With Deoxidation Accuracy Less Than 5.0ppm 1



  • Product Name: Palladium Catalyst
  • Application: Catalyst In Chemical Reactions
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
  • Chemical Formula: Pd
  • Deoxidation Accuracy: ≤5.0ppm
  • Bulk Density: 0.4-0.5g/ml
  • Pd/c Palladium Carbon Alumina Catalyst For Hydro-deoxygenation
  • Catalytic Deoxidizer Alumina Carrier For Remove Water

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Operating Velocity <1000h -1
Crush Strength >45N/bead
Storage Store In A Cool, Dry Place
Shape Sphere
Packing 25kg/bag
Chemical Formula Pd
Palladium Content 0.1%-5.0%
Bulk Density 0.4-0.5g/ml
Oxygen Content of Syngas <2000 (0.2%)ppm
Deoxidation Accuracy ≤5.0ppm


The LVNENG brand, synonymous with quality and efficiency in the field of catalysis, offers the PD-CATALYST model, a state-of-the-art Palladium Catalyst meticulously produced in China. This catalyst, with its 2.0-3.0mm particle size and superior crush strength of over 45N/bead, is designed for a wide array of applications in the chemical industry. The operating velocity of less than 1000h-1 and an oxygen content of syngas below 2000 (0.2%) ppm mark its efficiency and efficacy for various processes.

One of the primary applications of the LVNENG PD-CATALYST is as a Catalytic Deoxidizer. In scenarios where the oxygen content in syngas needs to be rigorously controlled, this Palladium Catalyst proves to be an indispensable tool. It's engineered to facilitate the removal of oxygen to yield a purer end product, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the reaction process. Industries that rely on high-purity gases for their operations will find the PD-CATALYST particularly beneficial.

The Palladium Catalyst's robustness also makes it an ideal choice as an Alumina Carrier For Remove Water. In processes where the presence of water can be detrimental to the chemical reaction or the quality of the final product, the PD-CATALYST ensures that moisture is effectively adsorbed from the system. Its high crush strength allows it to withstand the rigors of continuous use, making it a durable option for continuous and batch processes alike.

Another significant application of the PD-CATALYST is as a Pd/c Palladium Carbon Alumina Catalyst For Hydro-deoxygenation Of Hydrogen Nitrogen Syngas. This specialized usage underscores the catalyst's ability to facilitate the removal of oxygen from syngas composed of hydrogen and nitrogen. The LVNENG PD-CATALYST's fine-tuned properties allow for hydro-deoxygenation processes to proceed at an optimal rate, yielding syngas that meets the stringent requirements for various chemical syntheses and energy applications.

In summary, the LVNENG PD-CATALYST is a Chemical Production Catalyst par excellence, suitable for a diverse range of operations that demand precision, durability, and efficiency. Its applications span from being a catalytic deoxidizer to a pivotal component in hydro-deoxygenation processes, making it an invaluable asset in the realm of chemical production. Whether it's for fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or industrial gases, this Palladium Catalyst stands as a testament to LVNENG's commitment to advancing chemical processes through innovation and quality craftsmanship.



Brand Name: LVNENG

Model Number: PD-CATALYST

Place of Origin: China

Operating Velocity: <1000h -1

Crush Strength: >45N/bead

Packing: 25kg/bag

Palladium Content: 0.1%-5.0%

Oxygen Content of Syngas: <2000 (0.2%)ppm

Our LVNENG PD-CATALYST is a highly efficient Activated Alumina With Palladium designed to Catalyze Hydrogen-oxygen Reaction For Deoxidizing . Ideal for Chemical Production , this Palladium Catalyst ensures optimal performance in syngas applications with its superior crush strength and controlled palladium content. It is the perfect choice for demanding deoxidizing processes, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.


Support and Services:

Our Palladium Catalyst products come with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure that you achieve the best performance and results in your applications. Our team of expert chemists and engineers are available to provide guidance on catalyst selection, process optimization, and troubleshooting to help you maximize the efficiency and longevity of the catalysts.

We offer a variety of services including but not limited to catalyst performance evaluation, regeneration and recycling options, and safe handling practices. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle our Palladium Catalyst products safely and effectively, ensuring the success of your processes.

Additionally, we provide detailed product documentation and material safety data sheets (MSDS) that include important information on the properties, usage, and handling of the Palladium Catalyst. We are committed to supporting your needs and helping you maintain a safe and productive environment.

For any technical inquiries or assistance with your Palladium Catalyst product, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and support to meet your technical requirements.


Packing and Shipping:

The Palladium Catalyst product is meticulously packaged in specialized, airtight containers to ensure the preservation of its reactivity and integrity during transit. These containers are then securely sealed and placed within protective packaging materials designed to minimize movement and absorb shock. Each package is clearly labeled with handling instructions, hazard warnings, and a material safety data sheet to ensure safe and informed handling by all personnel involved in the shipping process.

Prior to shipping, each package undergoes a thorough inspection to guarantee that it meets all safety and regulatory requirements for the transport of chemical substances. The Palladium Catalyst product is shipped via carriers experienced in the handling of sensitive chemical materials, with real-time tracking available to monitor the progress of the shipment until it safely reaches its destination.

Bulk Density Palladium Catalyst Pd 25kg/bag With Deoxidation Accuracy Less Than 5.0ppm 2

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