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Chemical Reactions Catalyst Palladium Sphere Shape Crush Strength >45N/bead Pd 0.1%-5.0%

Chemical Reactions Catalyst Palladium Sphere Shape Crush Strength >45N/bead Pd 0.1%-5.0%
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Application: Catalyst In Chemical Reactions
Storage: Store In A Cool, Dry Place
Oxygen Content Of Syngas: <2000 (0.2%)ppm
Chemical Formula: Pd
Palladium Content: 0.1%-5.0%
Shape: Sphere
Crush Strength: >45N/bead
Particle Size: 2.0-3.0mm;
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Pd 0.1%-5.0% Catalyst Palladium Sphere


Catalyst Palladium Sphere Shape

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LVNENG
Model Number: PD-CATALYST
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

The Palladium Catalyst, a premium product in the field of chemical catalysis, is a cutting-edge solution designed for a range of applications, particularly in processes involving the hydrogen-oxygen reaction for deoxidizing. This catalyst is an exceptional tool for industries looking to enhance their chemical production efficiency and effectiveness. Utilizing Activated Alumina with Palladium, this catalyst is not only a powerful agent for catalyzing reactions but also doubles as a Catalytic Deoxidizer with an Alumina Carrier for Remove Water from various systems.

Packing a significant punch with a Palladium content ranging from 0.1% to 5.0%, our Palladium Catalyst is versatile and adaptable to various chemical production scenarios. Whether for large-scale industrial use or precise laboratory applications, this catalyst is sure to meet and exceed performance expectations. Each batch of Palladium Catalyst comes securely packaged in 25kg bags, ensuring that the product remains uncontaminated and is protected during transportation and storage.

Our Palladium Catalyst is uniquely shaped as a sphere, providing a large surface area for reactions to occur, which is a crucial factor in achieving high efficiency in catalytic processes. The spherical shape also facilitates easy handling and uniform distribution in reactor vessels or columns. This geometric precision contributes to the catalyst's superior performance and reliability in various chemical reactions.

With a bulk density of 0.4-0.5g/ml, our Palladium Catalyst ensures a stable and consistent flow in reaction vessels, preventing unwanted pressure build-ups and ensuring a smooth operation. This specific bulk density also allows for optimal contact between the catalyst and reactants, further enhancing the reaction rate and overall process efficiency.

For optimal results and longevity, it is recommended to store the Palladium Catalyst in a cool, dry place. This storage condition helps to maintain the catalyst's quality and reactive properties over time, ensuring that each use is as effective as the first. Proper storage conditions will prevent any premature loss of activity and protect the catalyst from environmental factors that could potentially reduce its efficacy.

The utilization of this Palladium Catalyst in your chemical processes will transform the way you approach catalysis. Perfect for applications such as the hydrogen-oxygen reaction for deoxidizing, this catalyst provides an unmatched level of precision and control. The Activated Alumina with Palladium not only serves as an excellent catalyst but also plays a vital role in moisture control, thanks to its function as a Catalytic Deoxidizer with an Alumina Carrier for Remove Water. This dual functionality makes it an invaluable asset to any operation focusing on purity and efficiency.

In conclusion, the Palladium Catalyst presents an unparalleled solution for a myriad of chemical production challenges. Its high palladium content, spherical shape, and optimal bulk density make it a standout product in the market. As a versatile and dependable catalyst, it is primed to catalyze hydrogen-oxygen reactions with exceptional performance, while its packing and storage recommendations ensure that it remains in pristine condition for its entire shelf life. For any industry in need of a superior chemical production catalyst, look no further than our Palladium Catalyst.

Chemical Reactions Catalyst Palladium Sphere Shape Crush Strength >45N/bead Pd 0.1%-5.0% 0



  • Product Name: Palladium Catalyst
  • Crush Strength: >45N/bead
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
  • Storage: Store In A Cool, Dry Place
  • Bulk Density: 0.4-0.5g/ml
  • Oxygen Content of Syngas: <2000 (0.2%)ppm
  • Function: Catalytic Deoxidizer Alumina Carrier For Remove Water

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Deoxidation Accuracy ≤5.0ppm
Operating Velocity <1000h -1
Crush Strength >45N/bead
Chemical Formula Pd
Palladium Content 0.1%-5.0%
Bulk Density 0.4-0.5g/ml
Particle Size 2.0-3.0mm
Shape Sphere
Packing 25kg/bag
Oxygen Content of Syngas <2000 (0.2%)ppm


The LVNENG brand's PD-CATALYST model is a high-quality palladium catalyst that has been expertly crafted to meet the stringent demands of various industrial applications. Originating from China, this palladium metal catalyst boasts a chemical formula of Pd and is designed as a sphere with a particle size of 2.0-3.0mm, ensuring a high degree of uniformity and efficiency in its catalytic actions. Its operating velocity is maintained at less than 1000h -1 to optimize performance and longevity.

One of the primary applications for the LVNENG PD-CATALYST is as a catalytic deoxidizer. This palladium catalyst excels in processes where the removal of oxygen from a gas stream is crucial. Its high palladium content ensures excellent catalytic activity, making it an ideal choice for industries such as chemical manufacturing, petrochemical refining, and natural gas purification, where oxygen can be a detrimental impurity.

Moreover, the LVNENG PD-CATALYST serves as an exceptional alumina carrier for remove water, showcasing its versatility in various dehydration processes. Industries that require the removal of water vapor from gas streams, such as in the production of high-purity gases, often rely on this palladium catalyst to achieve the desired levels of dryness. Its excellent water adsorption properties make it an indispensable tool in ensuring the integrity and quality of the final product.

In the realm of chemical production, the LVNENG PD-CATALYST is revered as a top-tier chemical production catalyst. It is employed in numerous reactions, including hydrogenation, oxidation, and dehydrogenation, to facilitate and expedite chemical transformations. Its robust performance is particularly valuable in the synthesis of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and specialty materials, where precision and reaction control are paramount.

To maintain the efficacy and durability of the LVNENG PD-CATALYST, it is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place. This storage guideline ensures that the catalyst remains free from humidity and temperature fluctuations that could potentially compromise its activity and structural integrity. Proper storage extends the service life of the catalyst and maintains its readiness for a wide array of industrial applications.

In summary, the LVNENG PD-CATALYST is a versatile and powerful palladium metal catalyst that plays a crucial role in a variety of industrial scenarios. Its quality and reliability make it an essential component for catalytic deoxidization, moisture removal, and chemical production, reaffirming its status as a valuable asset for companies looking to optimize their processes and enhance product quality.

Chemical Reactions Catalyst Palladium Sphere Shape Crush Strength >45N/bead Pd 0.1%-5.0% 1



Brand Name: LVNENG

Model Number: PD-CATALYST

Place of Origin: China

Chemical Formula: Pd

Operating Velocity: <1000h -1

Crush Strength: >45N/bead

Palladium Content: 0.1%-5.0%

Storage: Store In A Cool, Dry Place

Our LVNENG brand PD-CATALYST is a high-performance Pd/c Palladium Carbon Alumina Catalyst for Hydro-deoxygenation , meticulously crafted to meet the demanding requirements of various chemical reactions. As a premier Palladium Metal Catalyst , it ensures exceptional efficacy in applications requiring rapid and clean reactions. Sourced from China and boasting a chemical formula of Pd, our catalyst is designed for an operating velocity of less than 1000h -1 and showcases superior crush strength of over 45N/bead. The palladium content ranges from 0.1% to 5.0%, allowing for precise customization to suit specific process needs. To maintain its integrity and performance, it is advised to store in a cool, dry place , ensuring longevity and reliability.


Support and Services:

Our Palladium Catalyst product is supported by a comprehensive range of technical support and services to ensure optimal performance and to help our clients achieve the best possible results. Our support services include detailed product documentation, safety data sheets, and best practice guidelines. We also offer in-depth technical consultations to address any specific challenges you may encounter in your processes.

We provide troubleshooting assistance to help diagnose and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to offer guidance on catalyst handling, storage, and disposal to ensure the safety and longevity of the product.

To assist with process optimization, we offer catalyst performance analysis and can provide recommendations for process adjustments to enhance productivity and efficiency. For clients interested in testing our catalysts in their applications, we provide samples along with technical support to ensure accurate testing and analysis.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that we continuously update and expand our support resources. We encourage our clients to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding their use of the Palladium Catalyst, as we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.


Packing and Shipping:

The Palladium Catalyst product is meticulously packaged in high-integrity, sealed containers designed to ensure the preservation of its quality and reactivity. The containers are then securely placed within durable, protective packaging materials to safeguard the product during transportation.

Each package is clearly labeled with handling and safety instructions, as well as the contents and net weight. The outer packaging includes the appropriate hazard and warning symbols according to international shipping regulations for chemicals.

Prior to shipment, all packages are inspected to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards, as well as all applicable transportation regulations. The Palladium Catalyst is shipped via a trusted courier with expertise in handling sensitive chemical products, ensuring prompt and safe delivery to our customers.

Chemical Reactions Catalyst Palladium Sphere Shape Crush Strength >45N/bead Pd 0.1%-5.0% 2

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